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Our pigs spend their entire, 15-month-plus lives in the woods, where they consume bugs and grubs, roots and shoots, mast hardwood nuts and vast amounts of organic squash, along with an organic no-corn, no-soy grain milled and mixed every couple of weeks. Most pigs in the world in the past century have been bred to grow as big as possible as quickly as possible, with few thoughts toward the flavor of the meat or the health and happiness of the hog. The majority of the world's hogs spend their entire, short (usually six months) lives on concrete where they are housed en masse, never see the outdoors and consume an industrial-ag, pesticide-ridden ration formulated, again, for quick growth, instead of sustainability or flavor. 

We get a lot of questions about how meat can be ethical if, in the end, we kill a being with a clear will to live and thrive. We value this conversation and frequently share our writings and readings on the subject. For this page and purpose, we want to convey just that pigs are inquisitive, intelligent, seriously stout creatures. They enjoy the sun on a cool day, the shade on a hot day, a delicious snack, and a good scratch between the ears or on the rump. We take our role as their caretakers seriously, striving to provide our animals with comfort, shelter, safety, sustenance, a landscape to explore, back scratches, belly rubs, and, yes, names. This is a passion that may one day be a business. For now, our goal is to provide ethical food to our local community and to not lose money doing it! We think the value is evident in the flavor, the environmental benefits, the health benefits (to you and the pigs), and the power of investing in a local economy. 

Whole and half pigs will be slaughtered at a USDA processing facility on Oct. 30, 2018, and ready to fill your freezer in the first weeks of November.  


Whole and Half Hogs

$5/pound - hanging weight (~140-175 lb per whole pig)

Our American Guinea Hogs weigh approximately 200-250 pounds, live weight. Hanging weight (once the head, viscera, and blood are removed) is ~70 percent of live weight. This is the weight used to price out your pig. To legally sell you this pig, you will be buying the live pig from us, and your name will go on all of the processor's paperwork. 



Whole- and half-hog customers are also responsible for the slaughter and butchering costs. We team up with the experts from Schrader's Meat Processing in Romulus, New York. You'll be able to select the specific USDA custom cuts you'd like by using the form linked below. We are happy to help and advise, in case you have any questions, as are the folks at Schrader's. 


Slaughter and Butchering Costs

 $55 Slaughter and $.95/lb Cut / Wrap / Freeze / and 1 Flavor Bulk Sausage up to 20 lbs

- Additional Bulk Sausage, $0.40/lb
- Additional Links/Rope Sausage-$0.80/lb
- Smoking $1.20/lb

Prices subject to change.


For information on purchasing individual cuts, please contact us directly at scrumblewoodfarm@gmail.com. 


Pork Order Form 

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Pick up will be at Shrader's in early November; any orders with smoked products (such as bacon, hocks, hams) will take approximately three weeks.
We will contact you with final pricing once we know the hanging weight and have your cut sheet in hand.