After two weeks of TLC.

After two weeks of TLC.

Rachel grew up with horses ...

It was only a matter of time until Scrumble Wood Farm adopted a horse into its menagerie. We rescued an 18-year-old mare (supposedly a Morgan) from the slaughter pipeline.

(Horses aren't slaughtered in the U.S., but sold at auctions in Pennsylvania and a few other states, after which they're shipped to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.)

Rachel saw her posted on a rescue page online and, along with contributions from a second rescue, secured her bail. In a 48 hour span: We found and purchased a trailer, got a brake controller installed on our truck, Rachel drove down to southeastern Pennsylvania by herself to get this mare off of an enormous trailer, and she brought her home to Scrumble Wood.

In the weeks since, she's gained a ton of weight, had her too-small shoes removed, her teeth floated, and was treated for a few infections.

We named her Filomena. She's the undisputed queen of the farm. 


Her "gotcha" photo, when Rachel picked her up from the shipping trailer.

Her "before" photo.